I'm a New York City-based journalist, photographer, designer, artist, inventor and entrepreneur. As a journalist, I specialize in travel, food and wine, art, design and architecture. My articles have appeared in just about every major travel magazine, from National Geographic Traveler to the Virtuoso Life, as well as newspapers that include the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe.


When I roam the world, I seek out what I call "hidden treasures," in other words authentic experiences that provide insights into the heart of the land and its people. I hunt down the little known cafe, the under-the-radar museum, or the just-opened underground art gallery. Whether I'm hiking through the volcanic landscape and vineyards on remote Pico Island in the Azores or biking near the Arctic Circle in Norway's Lofoten Islands, I provide my readers with intimate travel experiences. So much so that many have commented that reading one of my articles or blog posts makes them want to pack their bags and head straight for the airport. 

As a designer, among the products I've created: a line of clothing and accessories for travelers as well as people who don't stray far from home. They're all about pockets because, after all, you can never have too many (hidden) pockets. And, of course, my inspiration for these were my round-the-world travels and, most importantly, being robbed of all my valuables. 

My path to becoming a travel writer was quite unusual and circuitous. I started out as a biologist, hoping to be a cardiologist until I didn't get into medical school. Then I taught biology on all grade levels, from elementary school to college, and continued my studies with a double masters in nutrition and exercise physiology. (Yes, I'm quite the life science geek.) But, unlike my peers, I wasn't interested in doing research or going into clinical practice. Instead, I became a health and fitness writer, publishing articles in all the major women's, men's and lifestyle magazines. 

Yet, travel has long been a passion of mine. Since I was a teen, I explored the U.S. and international destinations on bicycle -- I pedaled from Seattle to San Diego, and led teen bike trips, including one from New York City to Montreal. (I'm very big on human powered locomotion, whether Nordic skiing, cycling, kayaking, hiking or walking.) So I decided to combine my love of travel with my ability to craft great stories. But I'm still a scientist at heart. My inquisitive nature and ability to probe for hidden details has long served me well as a journalist. And I use my background in microbiology, nutrition and exercise physiology to advise others how to stay healthy and fit while on the road, designing a first-aid kit organizer -- Doc-in-a-Bag -- for that purpose. 

I've also completed writing two feature-length comedy screenplays, four shorts, a children's book, a collection of flash fiction, and a travel tips e-book with a very extensive section on healthy travel. 

My loves include watercolor painting, botanical gardens, dark chocolates, and sea horses and other small sea creatures